Submission Options

     Option 1. Presenting (in Chinese or English) at the sessions of From Sharing Economy to 
                     Collaborative Commerce: Sustainability and Transformation Competitive Edge
                        a. Submitting only the long abstract (at least 800 words); Presenting at the sessions but 
                          choosing to opt out of the Conference Awards.
                      b. Submitting full-text 
manuscript and participating in the competition. Reviewed and 
                          awarded papers will eventually be accepted and published by NTUMR or APMR.

     Option 2. Presenting at the sessions of the 23rd Asia Pacific Management Conference (in English
                     and accept long abstract
 only). Once recommended by session hosts, your paper will be 
                     reviewed and included in the special issue published by APMR.



選項1. 從共享經濟到協同商務:競爭優勢的持續與變動場次(中、英文發表)。
             a. 長摘要投稿至少800字,僅參與研討會發表,不列入獎項之選拔。
             b. 全文投稿並參與獎項選拔,經送審得獎後完成修改,最終獲期刊接受出版。

選項2. 第23屆亞太管理學術研討會(全英文發表只接受長摘要投稿),如獲分場主持人推薦,經審查後將發表



  1. Manuscript: PDF file, full-text manuscript or long abstract at least 800 words, including the title; please keep the full-text manuscript or long abstract anonymous. The font should be Times New Roman typeface in 12-point pitch.
  2. The editor-in-chief will decide whether the paper is eligible and then email the outcomes of the preliminary examination. The editor-in-chief will delegate each paper to NTUMR or APMR for subsequent submission and review.
  3. Online submission:
  4. We welcome submissions in either English or Chinese.